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Get all your Patent Search and Intelligence gathering needs fulfilled at Boolean IP. We provide a worldwide search in 110+ countries covering 16+ Languages in over 60+ domains. With access to the leading patent and non-patent literature search engines in the world, combined with deep search and domain expertise, Boolean IP is able to select the optimal sources to provide you with the broadest and most effective subject matter and geographic coverage for each individual search. Having worked on patent searches with all sort of players in the industry including attorneys, R&D organizations, universities, investors, licensing firms, business consultants, NPEs etc; Boolean IP has equipped itself with astute understanding of their specific needs and have adapted its Patent Searches as per the best practices prevalent across the  industry. Many IP Managers, IP Counsels, Patent Attorneys, and Inventors concur with our searching abilities and recommend us for searching assignments.



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We believe in equalizing your IP assets with an optimized investment returns. Be it the case of licensing-out your IP rights or a proposition of licensing-in patents for your product requirements, Boolean IP understands your accurate needs and provides sagacious advice. We specialize in assisting companies and individual inventors in all aspects of monetizing their intellectual property, including strategic advisory services, licensing, patent asset evaluation and due diligence. Team at Boolean IP is well versed with all state of the art tools and extensive experience in various IP Monetizing services.

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Boolean IP has a team of patent agents, draftsperson, designers and illustrators who can draft complete patent applications and/or some specific sections of patent applications. Our team is also experienced at making utility patent drawings and design patent drawings that can present your invention with every detail and complete specification. We have a thorough understanding of the patent law and practices adopted in the relevant jurisdictions. Starting from provisional applications, Boolean IP drafts all type of documents including non-provisional, defensive publications, Industrial designs, continuations, continuation-in-part (CIP), divisionals, 2-part claim applications for EP filing, PCT applications and even Office Action Response Drafting. 

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It is crucial for an organization to manage its IP Assets in an effectual manner. We, at Boolean IP, have the expertise and tools that can deliver in areas including docketing, paralegal support, patent proofreading, IP due diligence support, document procurement, data verification and IDS management.

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Boolean IP provides you a one stop solution for all your Trademark needs. From Searching and Registering to Infringement handling, Boolean IP has an extensive experience of providing services in more than 200 Trademarks. We at Boolean IP, in addition to ensuring the uniqueness of your brand, also make sure that you get the optimum returns for your trademark. 

Also, we actively monitor the commercial sphere around your brand and design against potential infringement. Depending on the jurisdiction of interest, we also provide watches (for monitoring periods of your choice) for your design and trademark and notify you of potentially conflicting designs and marks within the opposition period. 



Our trademark search professionals are familiar with the complex laws concerning trademark and interpret the results in a manner that ensures 100% protection and uniqueness for your brand. Trademark searches help you identify existence of objectionable marks already registered. Besides that, it eliminates the possibility of objections from registry, infringement objections and opposition proceedings. 

At Boolean IP, we have experienced professionals having extensive experience in dealing with Trademark searches. Be it a word search or a device mark Search we have all the tools to provide you an indepth analysis of your mark. We have competency and access for searching on various national registers, depository libraries of various states and many paid databases. Not only that, our team also conducts the search outside registry using various Commom Law Sources. Our comprehensive searches provide you with the information you need to assess the availability for use and registration of your proposed mark across a broad range of sources. These searches can be conducted locally or globally and can be tailored to your specifications and may include device/logo elements. Additionally, we also advise our clients on how to avoid infringement and proceed for registration in case similar/identical trademarks do appear on the Trademark Registry. We ensure earliest protection of your brand.

Boolean IP provides a global coverage in Trademark Watch service that helps offers protection from any possible infringement. This involves detailed periodic online trademark searches done globally that generates periodic reports of possible cases of infringements by same or similar marks in the given classes. We also ensure that it is made available to the client within the open public opposition period as per the countrys' laws.

Please contact us to get a quote and sample for Trademark searches.

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Boolean IP provides end-to-end support to their client throughout the process of filing patent in India, along with the prosecution support required afterwards. We have a thorough understanding the Indian Patent Act and a huge experience of filing provisional and non-provisional patent applications in India. It includes preparing and filing patent applications with clients' inputs, active prosecution support and close monitoring of patent application including preparing office action response, handling of pre-grant and post-grant opposition and appeals, strategizing amendments for maximizing impact with client’s feedback, attending hearings whenever required and tracking the application during examination till it is granted. Various technical and legal documents are required to be submitted like information disclosure statements, assignments and fees. 

Our experienced team includes patent agents in India, who are well versed with the prevailing patent laws & patent prosecution procedures of the Indian Patent Office. This has made our practice in patent filing and prosecution, cost and quality efficient. We assist both Indian and foreign nationals to file and prosecute patent applications in India. Several Indian companies and multinationals have availed our filing services for filing in the Indian Patent Office. We have also helped our clients in filing national phase applications, PCT applications and applications that claim priority from convention countries.