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At Boolean IP, we are your one-stop solution for all your Patent Search and Intelligence gathering requirements. With access to the world's leading patent and non-patent literature search engines and a deep well of domain expertise, Boolean IP delivers comprehensive and effective subject matter and geographic coverage tailored to your unique needs. Having collaborated on patent searches with a diverse array of industry players, including attorneys, R&D organizations, universities, investors, licensing firms, business consultants, and NPEs, Boolean IP has honed its understanding of their specific requirements. We have adapted our patent search practices to align with the industry's best practices, ensuring that you receive top-notch service every time.

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We believe in equalizing your IP assets with an optimized investment returns. Be it the case of licensing-out your IP rights or a proposition of licensing-in patents for your product requirements, Boolean IP understands your accurate needs and provides astute advice. We specialize in assisting companies and individual inventors in all aspects of monetizing their intellectual property, including strategic advisory services, licensing, patent asset evaluation and due diligence. Team at Boolean IP is well versed with all state of the art tools and extensive experience in various IP Monetizing services.

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To stay ahead of competition it is imperative to know what your competitors are doing. We help you keep a close tab on various activities related to your close competitors including monitoring of patent activities in a technology domain, latest patent filings, updates on legal status and market watch. Boolean IP has a team of professionals who has extensive experience in dealing with many patent watch projects over the years. We prepare  strategies in such a way that they remain effective for a longer period ensuring wide coverage of latest technological and competition trends added with incurring minimal effort in case some modifications are required.  

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It is crucial for an organization to manage its IP Assets in an effective and efficient manner. We, at Boolean IP, have the expertise and tools that can deliver in areas including docketing, paralegal support, patent proofreading, document procurement, data verification and IDS management.

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At Boolean IP, our expert team comprises patent agents, draftspersons, and skilled designers and illustrators, ready to assist you in drafting complete patent applications or specific sections of patent applications. We possess an in-depth understanding of patent laws and practices relevant to various jurisdictions. From the initial stages, including provisional applications, to a wide range of patent documents, such as non-provisional applications, defensive publications, design patents, continuations, continuation-in-part (CIP) applications, divisionals, 2-part claim applications for EP filing, PCT applications, and even Office Action Responses, Boolean IP offers comprehensive drafting services to meet your specific needs.

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Illustrations are important for complete understanding of an invention. Some technology domains like Mechanical, Life Sciences, Bio-Medical devices etc. are only well understood by means of accompanied drawings with the invention disclosure. Boolean IP knows the rules related to drawing of many PTOs across the world. We are equipped with state-of-the-art softwares and tools such as CorelDraw, MS Visio, and AutoCAD tools. Besides that we are also equipped with a secure proprietary delivery system to do the import and production of files in an array of formats.

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Boolean IP Consulting provides you a one stop solution for all your Trademark needs. From Searching and Registering to Infringement monitoring, Boolean IP has an extensive experience of providing trademark services. We at Boolean IP, in addition to ensuring the uniqueness of your brand, also make sure that you get the optimum returns for your trademark. Also, we actively monitor the commercial sphere around your brand and design against potential infringement. Depending on the jurisdiction of interest, we also provide watches (for monitoring periods of your choice) for your design and trademark and notify you of potentially conflicting designs and marks within the opposition period. 

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Our experienced team includes patent agents in India, who are well versed with the prevailing patent laws & patent prosecution procedures of the Indian Patent Office. We have a thorough understanding the Indian Patent Act and a huge experience of filing provisional and non-provisional patent applications in India. This has made our practice in patent filing and prosecution, cost and quality efficient. We assist both Indian and foreign nationals to file and prosecute patent applications in India.

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