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Personalized Searches

Customize Your Searches To Suit Your Specific Requirements In A Cost Effective Manner 

Get yourself the search partner who not only understands your technology, industry, and specific needs, but also helps you on each step of your solution exploration and makes sure you get the results crucial for winning.

When Our Personalized Searches Really Matter

When working on a new & highly confidential technology project

When evaluating competitor strategies and strengths/weaknesses

When performing portfolio evaluation and asset ranking

When performing utility scouting to identify new application areas

When identifying portfolio expansion opportunities

When evaluating new research ideas and market

Scoring companies based on both qualitative and quantitative analysis

When evaluating licensing and/or patent acquisition scenarios

When identifying partners for new product development

When performing bibliographic and legal data verification

Why Boolean IP Consulting For Personalized Searches

Multilingual Techno-Legal Expertise

We cover Patents (and sometimes Non-Patent Literature) from 110+ jurisdictions in 16+ languages in multiple technology areas using industry's best databases. We understand your requirements and provide solutions tailor made to match your specific requirements.

Hybrid Approach 

Our searches are conducted using a combination of Investigative Thorough Search by Technology Experts as well as Search by Machine Learned/AI powered Tools to keep the coverage maximum and minimize the possibility of missing out relevant documents.

We do not perform Only Machine Learned/AI based searches, and we only use these tools to supplement the searches conducted by our technology experts.

Agile Communication

We follow an agile model of communication i.e. keep you updated with the search findings throughout the project cycle and when you are busy we set the right expectations from search initiation to avoid any surprises in outcome and trim the interim connections.

Flexible and Personalized Solutions

Whether it comes to our solution reports, project timelines, time zone difference calls or costing modules; we provide services suitable for everyone’s personal taste and needs. Wherever needed, we adopt an agile model of engagement to keep you satisfied, always.

Because You Need It On Time, Every Time

Far-reaching effects of IP decisions make it essential that you not only get the research you want at time of your choice but you also get it every time. It is our mission to deliver Dependable, Intelligent and Personalized Research On-time, Every Time!

Iteration and Improvisation

Our strategy keeps improving with the duration of project cycle. Our strategies include both structured & unstructured searches - quick searches, followed by structured searches, assignee, inventor, citation, & specific period-based searches. Also, we are open for unlimited iterations till you are completely satisfied.

Price Sensitive? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered!

Experience peace of mind with our adaptable and exceptionally competitive pricing options. Reach out to us to outline your specific needs and compare our pricing against industry peers. If you happen to come across a better quotation, we are more than willing to match it, ensuring your satisfaction with our pricing.

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