Patent Proof Reading

A huge percentage of patents issued by patent offices have errors in them. These errors are related to to the claimed terms, dependency in claims, claim duplicity, cited references, inventor names, specifications, etc. It becomes crucial for assignees to proofread patents to identify all the errors in a patent to ensure that these errors are not detrimental to a patent’s enforceability, the claim coverage of a patent is not altered and/or limited and the overall scope of a patent is not adversely affected. We, at Boolean IP, conduct a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the prosecution history of a patent to identify any error. Besides that, we check for any grammatical, typographical and legal errors which are subsequently removed. Further, we review the entire specifications including drawing and help rectify the necessary changes.


Our team of patent professionals will analyze your patent application to check for the following:

-Antecedent Basis
-Claim Dependency
-Claims and Drawing Consistency


Rest assured that patent rules and standards by each Patent Office are adhered to in proofreading our work (i.e., line spacing, font size, drawings sheets).

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