Novelty/Patentability Searches

A Patentability Search or Novelty Search is conducted to evaluate the patentability of an invention based on the statutory requirements of a patent office. The objective of a Patentability Search is to identify patent and non-patent literature that can potentially render an invention un-patentable. Mostly a patentability search is conducted before preparing the patent application to determine whether the invention is novel and non-obvious. However, a patentability search can also be conducted upon filing the application before examination for upfront preparation of office actions. 


In addition to maximize the likelihood of patent grant, Patentability Search  helps in meeting the following requirements: 

- Evaluate the commercial viability
- Securing priority date
- Identifying improvement or “design-around” for the invention
- Identifying novel features in an invention
- Improving defensibility of the future patent
- IDS preparation
- Scoping the claims during drafting
- Upfront preparation for Office Responses

Boolean IP team has an experience of conducting more than 10,000 novelty searches . The techno-legal experts at Boolean IP are well equipped with state of the art tools that help them quickly understand the invention and conduct quality searches in most optimized timelines. 


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