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Design Patent Drafting

Comprehensible And Accurate Design Patent Drafts With 100% Compliance To Patent Office Rules

Get yourself the IP partner who not only provides PTO compliant good quality, comprehensible and accurate design patent drawings, but also helps in drafting design patent applications

Why Boolean IP Consulting For Design Patent Drafting?


Compliance to

Patent Office Rules


Flexibility and Personalization


High Accuracy & Detailedness


Free Unlimited Iterations


Latest CAD and

Design Tools


Delivery On Time, Every Time

Salient Features Of Our Design Patent Drafts

  • Single Claim

  • Sheet numbers and Figure numbers

  • Margin as per PTO standard

  • Paper size

  • Multiple views as for a holistic understanding

  • Arrangement of views

  • Scale: Large enough to show the mechanism

  • Symbols and Legends

  • Surface shading for understanding the invention and shape of object and Material shading

  • Drawing elements properties (line type, color, etc) based on the claimed design

  • Line thickness for line quality

  • All possible output formats [pdf, vsd (visio), jpeg, png, cdr, dwg, cad, sld, ai, stl etc.]

  • All possible input formats [sketches, photographs, videos, prototypes etc.]

Price Sensitive? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered!

Our flexible and highly competitive pricing modules, keep your budget concerns at bay. Get in touch to specify your requirements and compare our pricing with peers. The value for money we deliver will beat any other IP service provider.

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