Utility Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting is the process of composing claims, specifications and drawings which is the most important step during the lifecycle of a patent. A well drafted patent is the one that defines the scope of the claims in such a way that the assignee gains maximum returns during licensing and commercialization of the patent.  No matter how good an invention is, a poorly drafted patent application can lead to the loss of rightful return on investment and in some cases even to the novelty of the invention. 

Some say Patent Drafting is an Art and some think it's a Science. We, at Boolean IP, believe that Patent Drafting is a mixture of both that needs tweaking keeping in view to optimize the profitability of the patent, parallely following the guidelines of the Patent Office. We  have an experience of drafting more than 50 patent applications that have been filed at the USPTO, WIPO, EPO, and Indian Patent Office.

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