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Trademark Illustrations

Comprehensible And Accurate Trademark Illustrations With 100% Compliance To Trademark Office Rules

Get yourself the illustrator who not only provides PTO compliant good quality, comprehensible and accurate trademark drawings, but also helps in making iterations and save your money.

Why Boolean IP Consulting For Trademark Illustrations?

Trademark Illustration Boolean IP

Compliance to

Trademark Office Rules

Trademark Illustration Boolean IP

All Input/ Output Formats

Trademark Illustration Boolean IP

High Accuracy & Detailedness

Trademark Illustration Boolean IP

Free Unlimited Iterations

Trademark Illustration Boolean IP

Latest CAD and Design Tools

Trademark Illustration Boolean IP

Expedited delivery

Essential Features Of Our Trademark Illustrations

  • Special form drawings

  • Margin as per PTO standard

  • Paper size

  • Required views as per brand detail

  • Scale: Large enough to show the identity of mark

  • Different fonts, stylization, graphics or color schemes

  • Surface shading wherever applicable

  • Drawing logo properties (graphics, font, style, color, etc.) based on the trademark

  • All possible output formats [pdf, vsd (visio), jpeg, png, cdr, dwg, cad, sld, ai, stl etc.]

  • All possible input formats [sketches, photographs, videos, prototypes etc.]

Price Sensitive? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered!

Experience peace of mind with our adaptable and exceptionally competitive pricing options. Reach out to us to outline your specific needs and compare our pricing against industry peers. If you happen to come across a better quotation, we are more than willing to match it, ensuring your satisfaction with our pricing.

  • What is a patentability search?
    A patentability search, also known as a novelty or prior art search, is a comprehensive investigation to determine if an invention or idea is eligible for patent protection by identifying prior patents and publications related to the concept.
  • Why should I conduct a patentability search?
    Conducting a patentability search helps assess whether your invention is novel and non-obvious, two essential criteria for patent eligibility. It can save time and resources by avoiding pursuing patents for ideas already in the public domain.
  • When should I conduct a patentability search?
    It's advisable to perform a patentability search before investing significant time and resources in developing your invention, as early as possible in the innovation process.
  • Who should conduct a patentability search?
    Patent attorneys, patent agents, or professional search firms with expertise in intellectual property can perform patentability searches. It's crucial to have someone knowledgeable in patent law and search techniques to ensure comprehensive results.
  • What information is needed for a patentability search?
    To conduct a patentability search, you should provide a detailed description of your invention, including any drawings, diagrams, or prototypes. Additionally, any relevant keywords or phrases can assist in the search.
  • How long does a patentability search take?
    The duration of a patentability search can vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the volume of existing patents and publications. It may take anywhere between 4 to 8 working days.
  • What is considered prior art in a patentability search?
    Prior art includes any publicly available information, such as patents, patent applications, research papers, articles, and any other documentation relevant to the invention's field of technology.
  • What if I find similar prior art during the search?
    If you uncover similar prior art, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't obtain a patent. We can assess the relevance and help you determine if there are distinguishing features that could make your invention patentable.
  • Does a patentability search guarantee a patent grant?
    No, a patentability search doesn't guarantee a patent grant. It only provides information about the existing state of the art. Whether you can obtain a patent depends on various factors, including the novelty and non-obviousness of your invention. We can help you during the prosecution of your patent application resulting into grant of your patent.
  • What are the potential benefits of conducting a patentability search?
    Conducting a patentability search can help you: Avoid pursuing ideas that lack novelty. Save time and money on unnecessary patent applications. Enhance the quality and strength of your patent application. Better understand your competition and the state of the industry in your field of technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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