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Knock Out Searches

Discover All Closest Prior Arts In A Very Quick And Cost Effective Manner

Get yourself the search partner who not only understands your idea, technology, and needs, but also helps you provide effective solutions in an efficient and cost effective way.

When Do You Need A Knock Out Search?

Confirmatory search before patent filing (mostly provisional filing)

During due diligence of a patent before acquisition

Quickly checking validity of a patent in a cost effective way

Getting abstract ideas before working on an invention

When Monitoring Latest Applications in a Technology Domain

Before initiating licensing program

Why Boolean IP Consulting For Knock Out Searches

Highly Comprehensive And Easily Consumed Reports

We cover Patents and Non-Patent Literature from 110+ jurisdictions in 16+ languages in multiple technology areas using industry's best databases. Our reports include both the options of providing only a quick overview of identified prior arts in a single page, Or a detailed report including mapping of relevant texts from prior arts against each invention feature along with insights by experts.

Budget Friendly

Although we do focus on both novelty and obviousness aspects of invention (or target patent), the effort spent in these searches is comparatively lower than a full patentability or invalidity searches. These searches are accordingly cost effective yet value for money.

Hybrid Approach 

Our design patent searches are conducted using a combination of Investigative Thorough Search by Technology Experts as well as Search by Machine Learned/AI powered Tools to keep the coverage maximum and minimize the possibility of missing out relevant documents.


We do not perform Only Machine Learned/AI based searches, and we only use these tools to supplement the searches conducted by our technology experts.

Flexible and Personalized Solutions

Whether it comes to our solution reports, project timelines, time zone difference calls or costing modules; we provide services suitable for everyone’s personal taste and needs. Wherever needed, we adopt an agile model of engagement to keep you satisfied, always.

Because You Need It On Time, Every Time

Far-reaching effects of IP decisions make it essential that you not only get the research you want at time of your choice but you also get it every time. It is our mission to deliver Dependable, Intelligent and Personalized Research On-time, Every Time!

Technology Areas We Search Best


Medical Devices

Engineering & Mechanics





Oil and Gas

Computer Science

Material Science

Infotech & Communication



Consumer Electronics



Price Sensitive? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered!

Our flexible and highly competitive pricing modules, keep your budget concerns at bay. Get in touch to specify your requirements and compare our pricing with peers. The value for money we deliver will beat the quotation by any other competing search provider.

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