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Foreign Language Searches

Extend Your Prior Art Studies To Non-English Languages To Ensure Complete Comprehensiveness

Get yourself the search partner who not only possesses multilinguistic technology expertise, but also helps you with dependable and authentic translations to makes sure you get the desired results crucial for winning.

Why Do You Need Foreign Language Searches?


More than 50% of the patents filed globally are filed in Asian languages

Machine Translations can be very confusing

Native slangs can be misguiding to a non-native analyst 

Not all non-patent literature can be machine translated

Why Boolean IP Consulting For Foreign Language Searches

15+ Languages Search Capability

We can conduct searches in over 15 languages, including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Technology Expert Linguists

We work with professionals who are not only expert in foreign languages, but are also expert in various technology domains.

Flexible and Personalized Solutions

Whether it comes to our solution reports, project timelines, time zone difference calls or costing modules; we provide services suitable for everyone’s personal taste and needs. Wherever needed, we adopt an agile model of engagement to keep you satisfied, always.

Because You Need It On Time, Every Time

Far-reaching effects of IP decisions make it essential that you not only get the research you want at time of your choice but you also get it every time. It is our mission to deliver Dependable, Intelligent and Personalized Research On-time, Every Time!

Price Sensitive? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered!

Our flexible and highly competitive pricing modules, keep your budget concerns at bay. Get in touch to specify your requirements and compare our pricing with peers. The value for money we deliver will beat any other IP service provider.

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