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Patent Licensee & Infringer Identification

Identify Infringing Products, Services & Standards, And Ensure Getting Paid For Your Patented Technologies

Get yourself the IP partner who not only helps you identify infringing products, services & standards; but also helps you prove infringement and get you the desired results crucial for winning.

How Our Infringer Identification Reports Help You Win

Helps identify infringers and potential licensees for your patents

Helps restraining competitors' product from the market 

Helps licensing or selling monetizable patents to generate revenue

Helps during portfolio due diligence before acquisition

Helps identify dormant patents to abandon while pruning your portfolio

Helps in decisions regarding patent assertion and enforcement

Why Us For Licensee/Infringer Identification

Quality Expertise

  • Best in industry technology experts who can quickly understand your patents and screen infringing products.

  • Ability to construct claims & identify infringement evidence

  • Access to professional databases

  • Understanding of product standards to check for infringement

  • Cross-domain product identification for infringement

  • Quick evidence and mapping of products with patent claims in reports

Focused Approach 

Our tailor suited approach helps to achieve the client’s goals in a time and cost-efficient manner. Our methodology covers taking a focused approach wherein we identify infringing products against a particular company, in a particular geography and as per real time market viability.

Flexible and Personalized Solutions

Whether it comes to our solution reports, project timelines, time zone difference calls or costing modules; we provide services suitable for everyone’s personal taste and needs. Wherever needed, we adopt an agile model of engagement to keep you satisfied, always.

Agile Communication

We follow an agile model of communication i.e. keep you updated with the search findings throughout the project cycle and when you are busy we set the right expectations from search initiation to avoid any surprises in outcome and trim the interim connections.

Because You Need It On Time, Every Time

Far-reaching effects of IP decisions make it essential that you not only get the research you want at time of your choice but you also get it every time. It is our mission to deliver Dependable, Intelligent and Personalized Research On-time, Every Time!

Technology Areas We Serve Best


Medical Devices

Engineering & Mechanics





Oil and Gas

Computer Science

Material Science

Infotech & Communication



Consumer Electronics



Price Sensitive? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered!

Our flexible and highly competitive pricing modules, keep your budget concerns at bay. Get in touch to specify your requirements and compare our pricing with peers. The value for money we deliver will beat quotation by any other competing IP services provider.

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