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Patent Filing in India - DIY Guide for Innovators

Updated: Nov 29

Our brain generates lot of ideas in our daily life that can bring enormous changes in the society. According to a research study it is found that only 6 percent of the ideas become commercially successful. The rest of the ideas are either dumped or are not commercially viable. Turning an innovative idea into a product is not an easy challenge. You have to do your market research, identify what your idea will bring to customers, prepare a business plan, and develop an MVP (minimum viable product). All of these tasks are challenging. The problem is even bigger if you don’t have the right skills or if you are working full time. Not having the proper support for even the best of ideas can kill them. This article acts as a DIY (do it yourself) guide for an innovator who can follow below steps to evaluate her/his idea and how to get a patent for same.

Novelty Identification

As per the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an idea or invention is novel/new if it was not known to the public before the date of filing of the patent application or the priority date claimed. Further, to get a patent of your idea, it should not be obvious to a person skilled in the art (Technician having all knowledge of the technical field of the invention).

First step after having an idea is to perform a search on free search engines like Google patents, lens.org, research scholar, science direct, etc. to check if any similar idea already exists. After performing an exhaustive search on available free patent and non-patent databases, if you don’t identify any prior art related to your idea, then it is possible that your idea is novel, and you can get intellectual property rights through a patent. In case you identify any prior art that is similar to your idea, then also you can further work on the idea to look for design arounds.

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