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Liquid Breathing - Patent Filing and Innovation Trends

This report is commissioned to examine the global innovation & patenting trends in the domain of Liquid Breathing, in particular based on study of patent filings since first filing in this domain.

Liquid breathing’s domain has seen patenting activity since 1970s and the most promising patents have been filed between 2000 and 2010. Accordingly, this study was not restricted to any filing period; instead, all patents filed till date were considered. Looking at high number of filings happening in this domain by enterprises of all sizes, universities, and researchers etc., it becomes much vital to have a keen evaluation of the patenting activity to understand the innovation trends.

The initial research aims to give the readers a clear insight regarding the comparative patenting activity among different players in the domain. A closer look at the patenting activity demonstrates a constant rise in the filing specifically after 1995 wherein a steep rise globally can be observed.

This motivated us to take a deeper dive and analyze critically the various parameters of Liquid Breathing. Further, country-wise (US, EP, DE, JP, AU etc.) patent filing trends in liquid breathing were also evaluated while also revealing the major players in each category. A comparative analysis of R&D strategy and portfolio strength for few major players was also evaluated.

Finally, a few prominent recommendations were identified for the players in Liquid Breathing that shall help them evaluate the scope of their innovation & opportunities of expansion.

Download the pdf version of the study report

Liquid Breathing - Patenting Trends
Download PDF • 1.01MB
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