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Mixing Top Notch Expertise With Passion

Welcome to Boolean IP Consulting, a distinguished and award-winning Intellectual Property (IP) firm dedicated to delivering top-notch, cost-effective IP solutions. Our mission is to assist you in every aspect of your Intellectual Property journey, from creation and protection to management and monetization. With a proven track record of addressing IP challenges for Fortune 500 companies, IAM1000 law firms, investors, universities, patent asserting firms, startups, and various stakeholders in the IP ecosystem, Boolean IP has earned its reputation as a trusted partner.

Boolean IP boasts a formidable team of patent professionals spanning multiple technology domains, including Engineering, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Life Sciences, Chemistry, and more. Combined with cutting-edge tools and resources, this synergy empowers us to deliver invaluable, risk-mitigating outcomes. We specialize in assisting corporates, institutions, and inventors in the management of their valuable IP Rights, encompassing patents, industrial designs, and trademarks.


Our comprehensive services ensure the protection, maintenance, regular review, and optimization of IP portfolios. In close collaboration with our clients, we provide them with the best-informed IP decisions and unwavering support in their implementation. 


We leverage the synergy of artificial intelligence and human intelligence to consistently deliver the highest quality solutions, always on schedule. Your IP needs are in capable hands with us.

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