Technology Evaluation Study

We all at any point of time are always flooded with lots of concepts and ideas. Some ideas are totally new and revolutionary while some are mere improvements on existing ones. We decide upon digging deeper into some ideas and pursue them towards converting them into profitable products while some ideas are discarded and left behind. Often the most difficult task involved for any proposed concept is the proper analysis and evaluation of that idea. Following a concise idea assessment strategy can save you thousands of dollars in misguided assumptions. Technology evaluation is a set of principles, methods and techniques/tools for effectively assessing the potential value of a technology and its contribution to a company, a region or an industrial sector. It is one of the most significant methodologies in innovation and technology transfer, utilized in screening new ideas, assessing innovative or not innovative products and technologies. It is a powerful technique for an organization in examining new ideas, identifying and analyse causes or potential change, develop and plan possible solutions, and finally select and implement a proposed technology.

Technology evaluation may be understood in a variety of ways:
- As a group of studies, which systematically examine the effects on society that may occur when a technology is introduced, extended or modified. It emphasizes those consequences that are unintended, indirect or delayed.
- As an attempt to establish an early warning system to detect, control, and direct technological changes and developments so as to maximize the public good while minimizing the public risks.
- As a process of analyzing alternative technologies that provides information and help the actors involved in developing their goals. A thorough evaluation assesses the technology and its device's value from technical, market and consumer perspectives and reconciles the results within a valid methodology.

Boolean IP has an experience of helping clients evaluate some of the most challenging technologies over the years. Our experts evaluate a technology from social, political, geographical, economical, legal and technically feasible perspective.

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