Product Analysis/Reverse Engineering

We understand that for most products, particularly Computer Programs, Automobiles, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals etc., it is not fully possible to prove infringement merely on the basis of online secondary research. Reverse engineering (RE) helps determine whether or not the patented inventions are being used in the industry by a particular company. A product is purchased and disassembled in order to understand how it was built, how it works and what it is made of. The RE process usually involves multiple types of analysis. Which type of RE to apply is determined by the type of technology and the industry the patented invention is being used in. Boolean IP has association with many laboratories and workshops that reverse engineer the subject product and provide valuable information.


In addition to proving infringements, reverse engineering and product analysis helps in meeting the following requirements: 

- Invalidating infringing patents 
- Understanding the key issues of an unsuccessful design and subsequently improve the design
- Competitive technical intelligence
- Re-purposing to understand opportunities to re-purpose stuff that is otherwise obsolete can be incorporated into a bigger body of utility
- Understanding the interoperability of computer programs


Boolean IP has an experienced team of professionals and part time consultants with expertise in conducting source code analysis, reverse engineering and product analysis.


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