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CN106669119: Drowning Prevention Swimming Goggles

The invention discloses a pair of drowning prevention swimming goggles. An inflatable air bag is fixed to a main goggles body and is communicated with an air guiding pipe, a nasal clamp is arranged at the front end of the air guiding pipe and comprises inner nose plugs and a connector, the left and right inner nose plugs are respectively fixed to the connector, a connecting hole is formed in the connector, vertically through nose plug through holes are formed in the nose plugs and are communicated with the air guiding pipe through connecting holes, the upper ends of the inner nose plugs can be inserted into the nasal cavity, the upper portions of the inner nose plugs are provided with clamping protrusions bent towards the inner side, a rotating structure is arranged in the connector and comprises a rotating wheel and a pull line with one end wound around the rotating wheel, the other end of the pull line is connected with a push handle through the air guiding pipe, and an axle of the rotating wheel is connected with the inner nose plugs. When the push handle displaces to make the air bag communicated with the air guiding pipe, the pull line is pulled, the pull line drives the rotating wheel to rotate so that the inner nose plugs can rotate, and the clamping protrusions of the two inner nose plugs are mutually matched to clamp the nosal columella of a user.

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