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CN206948038: Wireless Charging Road System and Wireless Charging Car

This Chinese utility model relates to a wireless charging system and a wireless charging a vehicle road. Wherein, the wireless charging system includes a wireless charging, a road lane roadway is provided with the connected electrical network of the wireless charge of the energy storage system and underground power cables or large-emitting mechanism; the underground power transmission mechanism includes a transmission coil, a transmit coil for transferring energy; wireless charging an electric vehicle includes: an energy pick-up means, the rectifier regulator module , battery management system and a wireless charging the battery pack; BMS wherein, the picker mechanism includes a wireless receiver coil, the energy wirelessly receive coil for receiving an induced voltage; rectifying and voltage stabilizing module, and a full-wave rectifies the induced voltage for the step-down, the stabilizing processing, outputs a constant voltage to the battery management system BMS; BMS battery management system for wireless charging through the battery pack is being charged.

That day seems close when you won't have to stop to re-fuel your vehicle because the road will be continuously charging your electric vehicles. Now what's going to be more eco-friendly than that !!

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