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CN207000062: Explosion-proof Tire

The invention discloses an explosion-proof tire wherein it comprises a tire shell, a tube and a hub. The tube is characterized in that the tube is arranged inside the tube, the tube is an inflatable protective layer, The inner tube is provided with an inflation mouth; the inside of the tire casing is provided with at least one cavity, a partition plate is arranged in the cavity, The entire annular cavity is isolated into independent cavities, and each independent cavity is filled with a protective layer; the appearance of the outer shell Surface with contact layer.

The utility model adopts the technology which can prevent foreign bodies from puncturing the inflated inner tube and increasing the service life of the whole tire, so that the new type of tire Explosion-proof effect has been greatly improved; even when the foreign body punctured internal pneumatic tires, but also to prevent the vehicle center of gravity immediately change the steering wheel suddenly out of control, increase the driver and the occupant's safety factor.

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