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EP2276139: Fast charging of battery using adjustable voltage control

Invention relates to a battery cell charger for rapidly charging a lithium ion battery cell (or string of series-parallel connected cells) having a maximum battery cell voltage the battery cell charging system including: a circuit for charging the battery cell using an adjustable voltage charging-profile to apply a charging voltage and a charging current to the battery cell wherein the adjustable voltage charging-profile includes: a first charging stage with a constant first stage charging current and an increasing battery cell voltage with the first stage charging current provided until the first stage charging voltage is about equal to a first stage complete voltage less than the maximum battery cell voltage; one or more intermediate charging stages, each intermediate stage selected from the group consisting of one or more of an intermediate constant voltage stage that provides a decreasing charging current, an intermediate constant current stage that produces an increasing battery cell voltage, and combinations thereof; and a final charging stage with a constant final stage charging voltage about equal to an intermediate stage complete voltage and a decreasing final stage charging current with the final stage charging voltage provided until the final stage charging current reaches a desired charge complete level.

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