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The invention relates to suggesting autocompletion strings (terms and/or phrases) to users during the query entry process, wherein the suggested strings are based on specific attributes of the particular database access system being searched. In accordance with the invention, a string extraction component associated with a particular database access system, such as a web site of an online merchant, periodically generates a dataset that contains the autocompletion strings (terms and/or phrases) for the system. The datasets are transmitted to users' computing devices, which may include handheld and other wireless devices that lack a full keyboard. An autocompletion client which runs on the computing devices in association with a browser uses the datasets to suggest autocompletion strings as users enter queries that are directed to the database access system. Because the autocompletion strings are not based solely on strings entered on the particular computing device, they tend to be helpful for entering both new and previously entered text strings. The invention may be used regardless of the particular text input method used (stylusigraffiti, voice, keyboard, etc.).

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