Patent Mining & Asset Ranking

A recent study reveals that less than 10% of all patents ever issued generate a significant revenue. It therefore becomes crucial to have a good evaluation of all patents in the portfolio. Patent Mining helps find the best hidden gems in the intellectual property marketplace that promise the most successful patent licensing opportunities, including those that yield hundreds of millions in revenue. There are tremendous monetization opportunities in identifying your technology that has gained widespread adoption across the industry. 


We, at Boolean IP, offer a risk-mitigated, mutually-beneficial service to give your institution an objective assessment of the strongest opportunities for monetization. Our experience ensures that the assertion of your intellectual property rights is performed to high standards. 


We follow a scoring system for identifying gem patents from a large portfolio, based on certain parameters. This scoring system takes into account both objective parameters such as forward citation, number of independent claims, claim length etc. and subjective parameters such as remaining life, number of all family members, availability of alive family members, number of office actions etc. The patents are categorized as per technical domains and real time market viability. This helps in providing a quick and rational overview of outstanding patents from the heap of humongous portfolio.


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