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Legal Status Monitoring Watch

A patent watching search is a regular check made at certain intervals through relevant for newly published patents or patent applications suitable for certain purposes.Patent Monitoring Service is needed constantly to stay abreast of the latest trends. Some of the most frequently used monitoring services include:

- Technology Watch: This includes keeping a watch on latest published patents and applications in a technology. This helps inventors and corporates prepare their R&D and IP strategies on the basis of newly identified publications. 

- Competition Watch:  This type of service represents a series of patent searches in regular time intervals usually restricted to one (sometimes more) applicant(s). Such information could be used for checking on target competitions patent activities, but also for finding strategic partners. Besides, it also serves as a basis for a target company’s IP portfolio analysis before entering license negotiations. 

- Legal Status Watch: This services helps keeping a watch on the legal status of a competitor’s patent application and accordingly change the R&D and patenting strategy. These services can also be used by clients to look for patents that have been abandoned/ rejected/ expired in a technology and then freely use that technology without any legal threat.

Boolean IP has a team of professionals who has extensive experience in dealing with many patent watch projects over the years. We prepare  strategies in such a way that they remain effective for a longer period ensuring wide coverage of latest technological and competition trends added with incurring minimal effort in case some modifications are required.  

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