Landscape/ State of the Art Searches

A patent landscape analysis is an invaluable tool for any technology. It allows your business to strategically direct research and development toward the open spaces in the patent landscape, and steer clear of tracts that are already fenced-off by densely competing patent activity. Our team has the breadth of  technical and industry experience to accurately survey the patent landscape and plot a course to relatively unsettled territories where your business is more likely to succeed in staking its claim to valuable intellectual property. 


A Patent Landscape Search is a comprehensive search for patents in a given technical discipline. Essentially, this search is a deeper analysis of a State of the Art Search after completion of that search. Looking at large sets of patent data provides a better understanding of the “big picture” to help you take informed decisions.Typically, the results of a Patent Landscape Search includes a graphical representation of how large numbers of patents relate to each other, based on various search fields, such as keywords, citations, applicants, patent classifications, and so on. A patent landscape reveals past and present activities of various entities in a given area of technology.


Additionally Patent Landscapes helps in meeting the following requirements:

- The innovative focus of companies, industries and countries.
- Technology leaders and their IP strategies
- Technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes
- Strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios
- Unique selling points of companies

- Identifying Grey Areas in the technological domains


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