Invalidity/Opposition Searches

Invalidity/ Validity/ Opposition Search is conducted to question the validity of a patent. Mostly it is conducted or requested by defendant to invalidate plaintiff's patent in a Patent infringement law suit. Invalidity search is focused around the Claims and File History of the patent to be invalidated.


In addition to invalidating a patent, Invalidity/ Validity/ Opposition search helps in meeting the following requirements: 

- Assessing the viability of a patent application to be granted as a Patent
- Assessing the viability of a patent to get invalidated in case of patent acquisition
- Opposing the competitor’s patent in the post grant opposition period
- Helping perform a quality IP due diligence


Boolean IP has an experience of helping clients invalidate some of the most challenging patents over the years. Our techno-legal experts target the patent keeping in view the perspective of the examiner as well as the infringer. Our non-patent coverage for prototypes and libraries of various universities help us keep the search as comprehensive as possible. 


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